I am a diaspora Armenian living in Los Angeles, and this blog is my way of sharing my interests and findings as I explore my interests and curiosities about my Armenian heritage. I immigrated to the US, when I was in my early teens, with my family, in 1990. As with many diaspora Armenians, especially those who do not emigrate from Armenia, I have developed a desire and need to learn and hopefully preserve, at least, a portion of the Armenian cultural identity and history, and ideally pass it along to my children. In the big scheme of things, this is not a grand undertaking nor one of much consequence as to the next turn in the history of the World, but I believe it will make a big impact on my, and my families life.

I encourage those of you, far and wide (or nearby), who share similar proclivities to get in touch and share your thoughts and input, and hopefully lend a hand this journey of discovery.